What is your favorite game?

Title says it all.

  • Please refrain from saying Pixel Worlds, the point of the thread is to see what other games the PW Community enjoys (and because i need games to play).

  • If possible, only mention one game, your favoritest game of all time.

  • If that is hard to answer, just ask yourself “If i could only play one game for the rest of my life, what game would it be?” (Your game doesn’t necessarily have to answer the question, some really good games like Undertale, a game that doesn’t have a lot of replay value, can still be a favorite)

Mine would be Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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Monkey Quest (shut down 2011-2014)

maybe it’s just nostalgia or because I was younger when I played it but I unironically have not enjoyed playing a game as much as I have Monkey Quest ever

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Board Game Online, I love how it combines RNG with systems like inventories, items, and whatnot. For example, you might get Item 1 in X and use that in Y to get Item 2 which can, for example, boost your speed (how many places you move) or Item 3 which either initates a global event or gives you a buff/debuff.

And there’s also a chance to reincarnate as an animal if you die in the game…

And there’s alot of weird stuff which grant you all sorts of items, for example there are dimensions, for example candyland or fartland.

Sadly, my IP has been banned from there and I cannot find a way to get it unbanned. Support won’t respond at all and if I try to create a new account and apologize, it gets banned too. So I just recommend the game for you to enjoy. If they also won’t ban your account.

Right now probably The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance

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Undertale, (which has a lot of replay value), Doki Doki literature club, Minecraft, Terraria, Stardew Valley, 2013-2017 Growtopia, Eels and Escalators, pixel worlds


As of now my favourite game is ROBLOX
But I also really like Undertale and Deltarune

osu!Mania. It’s a game I could actually dedicate months of my life to. It’s basically a 4 to 7 (and 10) key(board) mashing simulator. It’s similar to other games before it. I love it :slight_smile:

Nintendo games in general, they are usually the highest quality games with emphasis on fun gameplay. My favorites are Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.


favourite, life is strange 1 and 2

Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are two of my favourites. They’re super relaxing to play ^-^

Terraria, super addictive and fun.

I forgot to add terraria and junk jack to my list

oh nevermind terraria is on there. I might add paper mario thousand year door and windwaker

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Terraria, Minecraft.

Monster legends but the game became P2W and got repetetive, literally everyone has lvl 150 monster while I work hard just to get lvl 130

It’s not a game, it’s an “experience” now with Roblox…

For just the best one I can think of, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Other great games being Terraria, Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask, Splatoon 2, BTD6, Stardew Valley.

While Nintendo’s games are certainly high quality games, and sometimes unique (Go on, try and find a game similar to Mario Party.), I absolutely can’t stand how absolutely barebones the Switch home menu is. No music, no internet browser, the eShop looks bland, nor other features you’d expect from any device. And you cannot even communicate with other players. It surprises me how the Wii was an old console, but it had more “life” to the system than the Switch does.

And $10 for a calculator app? No thanks.

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Call Of Duty - Mobile & Bitlife :smirk::hocho:

Music - Felt like a strange gimmick on the 3DS. Maybe it’s just me though. There is YouTube on the switch at least, but sure, a valid point.
Internet Browser - Debatable. It does actually have a browser, it just can’t visit most websites. At least from Nintendo’s perspective it does certainly help slow down modding Switch consoles, which sadly does lead to piracy, but even so if you own a Switch you probably have some other device available in your household that can use a browser. To me at least, not a big concern, but always depends on your perspective.
Calculator - Seems outrageous. Haven’t seen that before and the Switch really doesn’t need a calculator.

As for the UI, meh. Simplistic, sure. It is a little lacking though. Perhaps positive modding in the future could help make the Switch feel better, it’s a shame that modding is often associated with negative things like piracy though. While it does often lead to such, it truly does let you use the system to it’s fullest capabilities. Pretty sure that back in 2019 someone managed to run an Android build on the Switch console - to me, that’s a good, fair usage of modding. Again, depends on perspective.