What is your favorite pw sounds?

I like scifi door sound, and level up sound

what’s your favorite?

None, because I do not play PW with sound on.

I only play certain games with sound on where I have verified that the music/sounds are great, such as Angry Birds Go theme song.

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Bad piggies main theme

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am i talking about angry birds rn? Lol

The achievement completed / card battle notification for me

Insulting bat noises

This is music but I like the ‘Chill Out’ music. Makes me get nostalgia!

I like the sounds of those orb shooters in the nether (when it whizzes past)

The trade sound when i make a good trade
Menu music

Booster opening sound and the new music you can hear in the world pwe

Glue block sound :smiley::smiley::smiley: