What is your favorite vevo music?

Heyyyy! I wanted to make a topic to know more about the favorite music of the forumers.

Soooo… what is your favorite vevo music from a official singer?

Also because i created this topic, i feel that i should share as well my favorite music.

First one is a song by Youssoupha called “Dreamin’”

Second one is in the top 3 of my favorite music and it’s a song by Nekfeu called “On verra” (which means we will see in french) anddd gosh i also love the instrumental of the music, the singer also says facts like: When you don’t have money, you don’t have rights.

Also a good line at 1:39 is the singer saying: We bored at work, we wait for vacations.
—And a bit later—
We see us behind a computer but in reality we do we see han han?

Anddd last one is a song called “Petit Pays” (which means small country) by Gaël Faye

Fun fact about this song :
In the last year of lyceum, we learned about this singer with my history teacher and about a book he made called “Petit Pays” (like the name of the song) we had lessons about this book.
We also went to cinema with my class to watch the movie about this book (which i think was also called Petit Pays) and basically the movie is about two tribes (Utus and Tutsis) having a war and doing a genocide, provoking a huge panik and a terrible poverty in Rwanda (country where this takes place) and families being forced to move or else they will be killed etc…

I don’t remember everything about the movie but all i remember is that i really enjoyed the movie and if you have the chance, you should go watch it, it’s based on a real story and it’s really good.

Basically this song marked me and i really love it.

Feel free to share your favorite music here, i allow to share max to 3 songs and ONLY VEVO MUSIC

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It this one :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Well this was a fun ride in paris :rofl: Well honestly i dont think many people are familiar with vevo here, though if you specifically ask me about music genres in general, id like me some nice death metal, as well as hip hop here and then. Maybe even Jazz if im in the mood lol. All in all, I enjoy many musical genres, however once again, it does depend on my mood. :yum:

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10 hours of All The Single Furries! :smiley:

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Is it on vevo?

Tengo la camisa negra, hoy mi amor está de luto

Ich mag 99 luftballons. Klassich

Mamma mia! Denna låt tycker jag mycket om. Den är en klassiker. Abba är bäst i min åsikt. Svenska versionen är mycket bättre än engelska versionen.

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Everyone already knows :wink: