What item should we recolor?

Pretty simple. Give us some suggestions on items that we should remake with different colors :wink:


Sprite wings. Yes, i know the Golden Wings and Dark Sprite Wings are basically recolors of it, but still.

Also, Tartan Coat (Green & Red), Beach Umbrella (Blue, Green, Yellow), Pixel Stratocaster (Green & Red) Soda Jet Pack (Green, Red, Yellow) , Any of the Domino Masks (because red, black, blue, green and purple aren’t YET enough)

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well I’d say the red tuxedo pants, there are few items that look the same.

also why are the clan quests so light?

Red version of tridentist lance would be cool we dont have any demon pitchfork


Soda jetpack (Preferably red), Red jeans (I want gray pants for once)
Maid dress to black
Thats all

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We need green dragon wings so ctulthu wing owners can cry :smiling_imp:


how about more colors for moustaches (like handlebar moustache)

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Dark pink tuxedo i’d love to see it im game so much.

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Oh, Cherubs (White, Red, Green) And Raven Wings (White)

If Limited items are allowed,
Frostborn stuff

If they aren’t,
Dual elven blades

Maybe demon wings to like a black or a purple color

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Now that Commander_K is gone - Blue PWR please.


From the Instagram post i saw pixie wings look dope in turquoise. But if there’s an items i truly think should be recoloured
Maybe the punchpool set needs a little bit of recolouring

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Green tuxedo coat > Red.
Green tuxedo coat > Red.
Green tuxedo coat > Red.


It’s about drive it’s about stile

Alr exist bruddaa…

no its a pink tuxedo reskin

Don’t play mind games on me Desti. I know you want green tux to become a red one! I wouldn’t allow it

We take what’s ours :sunglasses: