What just happened?


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Yo that happened to me like RIGHT NOW. I wonder why. Maybe an error occured in the forums?

It just happenung rn,
It keep saying connection error even i can get into game without disconnected
Draft offline?
Maybe error happening rn

@Dev ?

Same thing with mine like how many hours ago?

This happened a lot with the old forums, I think so one was trying to DDOS the forums.

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This happens to me a lot. I think it’s something like a time out error from browser inactivity. IIRC, it usually happens when a user tries to access another page on the forums after the time out occurs.

Rough estimate of this happening is around, give or take, 30 minutes.
10 minutes. Give or take.
5 minutes. Give or take.

The [Go Back] and [ :arrows_counterclockwise: Try Again] buttons don’t work.

The only solution is to refresh/reload the browser page.

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Just a standard server error.