What kind of device are you using and what brand is it?

Im using Samsung Tab A6.

samsung s9 if im not wrong

but im using pc, its beelink office pc (YEAH ITS A VERY BAD PC, cant even play fortnite)
and monitor Philips
i can play geometry dash in 120 fps no cap

Is it 4GB ram or 2GB?

i play on a huawei pc 8 gb rams

i can play games with good FPS

Custom built pc, triple monitors
I7-8700k, water cooled
32gb of ram
4TB total storage

That’s a loaded pc. How much did you spend on it, just curious.

Im playin on Samsung galaxy tab s 7+ if im not mistaken

Oh jeez, bought most the parts new so im saying around 2000+cad.
it still has some improvements I plan to do on it.

Im using a pc with R5 5600x, b550m-a pro, 16x2 gigabytes of ram, 4tb m2 ssd & an Evga 3060 xc… As a phone I use an iphone 8.

Also I have 3 monitors and the gear I use:
Keyboard: Roccat vulcan tkl pro
Mouse: Logitech g pro x superlight
Mousepad: Artisan hien
Headset: Hyperx cloud 2
Mice: Hyperx quadcast

rich dude moment

man i use logitech office keyboard and mouse

philips momentum 272M pc (which looks a bit oversized)
money in indonesia are alot
because 100$ is 1,490,000 rp


Not really I was part of an e sports team who got me the keyboard and won the mice and the headset from a tournament but I worked in summer and in my free time for the other parts

I have 20 TB of memory but 8 of ram

20 tb? Why? Are you sure that it is 20tb or 20gb

mans got victoria’s secret inside that storage :skull:

i make virtual disk so i can have infinity TB

When I wanna play PW I simply cough and use my psychic powers to rearrange the cough particles into working functional displays, memory, controls, etc so I can play.

No, having a virtual disk doesn’t make you have extra space. It only changes the visuals. People on wish used to do this with trash drives to make it look like 1TB space for 10 bucks.