What makes you play Pixel Worlds?

Guys there is something I’m wondering.

What makes you play Pixel Worlds? What do you do to have fun?

Reason why I’m asking is because, I got nothing to do, and looking for stuff to do :thinking:

  1. Building worlds
  2. Card battling (Haven’t beaten you :sob: )
  3. Nether
  4. Set making
  5. Global message Fireflies lyrics lol
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  • Selling 50% of my weapons/rare items :sob: (rip halloween items :sob: :sob:)
  • nothing else
  • also building worlds/ parkouring


Can Pw please have good update.


Hmmm personally it’s for doing YouTube videos, have fun with the community and do some profit to get items that i would like to get (Like i miss my Blade of Turok that i sold and i really want to get it back)
I also try to help people when i can in game or here in forums but i don’t do mostly that, i mostly have fun with the community i guess.

I guess thats what makes me play currently

Maybe I should build more worlds

One day…

nowadays i just go online in game to check pwe and dailybonus, pretty bored.

I’m interested in making the white pwr and buy the grey wolf suit rn. I love playing jetrace and commit mass genocides for achievement level :upside_down_face:

Building worlds

Idk mostly just the fact that I’ve played it for so long so don’t really wanna quit it at this point

Friends/Clan yea lol

World building it fun as well