What mining level should I be doing for the best results?

What mining level should I be doing for the best results?

My total assets are 35 000 byte coins / 117 World Locks. (Including mining gear and everything)

I have been doing lvl1 and lvl2 mines, with keys mined myself.
I have been selling silver keys for 1/2 World locks, but the price has seemed to drop to 1.5 World Locks each, which makes it just better to do the lvl1 mines if we look at profit vs time spent.

I can easily do the lvl2 without taking nearly any damage.

My current pickaxe is the Heavy Pickaxe (~6500 Byte Coins).
My armor is 37.

What should I do? Should I stay on level 1-2, or go higher, with more expensive gear? Will I profit more that way?

I really need help from more experienced miners.

Probably lvl 3 or 4 they give more profit but your gonna need to use healing potions

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Level 5 gives more and better loot. You are able to get pocket watch which costs around 55wls.
Depends from gears and luck but often I recaive 25-30k gems each exit which is pretty good.

I recommend to don’t buy level 5 keys at all. Grind for them

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I’d say, if you have a full ingredient set, go for level 5.
Otherwise, grind from level 2 to 4, then sell the level 5 keys.


I’ll try grinding until the master pickaxe, and then I will do lvl5.

I did some cheap upgrades to my set, including the ability thingy, which adds 10 armor.

Now, I have 57 armor.

U dont actually need healing potions, if you got a good armor and skills, as an example i need like in 4 runs once a potion

which levels do you do also where do you use armour becuse i think its more profit to use mining gear instead of armour

You Can say like this you need better gear and stuff for 5 but you profit crazy at 5 so i would say 5 is worth

This is all of my stuff. Do you think that I could do level 4 or 5?

Yes you could aslong you look out for monsters and maybe try getting some healing pots to heal urself but you be good to go

Level 5 is ONLY profit 1 way the moment and for while, as long as it lasts…

  • You will have to purchase Wings of the Deep, and then sell them after you got em.
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What if I choose the Dark Pickaxe instead?

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lvl 3 is best if your using heavy pickaxe…
if you want to go further its best if you get epic first
because lvl 4 and lvl 5 has alot of bedrocks it would take you 4hits.
while on epic its 3hits
also try doing speedruns to profit alot you need to finish fast

Kinda worth, cus not many in-game, but not worth to get to sell.

I’d be better off using it ngl. Playing with rng…

is master better than epic?

Epic is obviously better than master, just because it has 3 range, and can 1 shot literally any block.

Gem drops don’t really matter, since it’s only a slight difference of 1-3.

If you’re on a budget, just go for heavy.

i misread it i thought i saw dark axe xD
btw is dark axe better than epic tho?
btw i have epic…
im a miner lel

You basically play with rng for dark pickaxe. Both have the same stats, but the gem drops for dark pickaxe could either be extremely unlucky, or extremely lucky (1-12)