What’s the highest armor set?

what’s the set with the highest armor and the weapon with the most damage for nether and secret base?

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theres plenty of videos but if I recall its mostly guardian of light set without helmet, night chick hair ,trident teeth, some shield and blackbird cape

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probably missing few things

Max armor set of 123 with 10 armor perk, a set prioritizing dark defense could be more effective in nether, people would rather not use dabomba cape (10 armor) and instead use any jetpack or blackbird cape (3 armor) instead for mobility

Best weapon for secret base is dark sword
Best weapon for nether really depends on different mob types (I found blue laser sword/green laser sword/cyber which all have same stats, and other weapons such as elite water gun, ice rifle, dark sword perform better on different mobs)


Grabbed a pic of mine as near it.

Have the nemean lion helm and amulet… not sure where my wrist guards have gone lol, but yeah put those on too

The perks are effected by weapon type and there are a lot of variations.

I still say the Astro Cannon is very good, although I prefer a sword

The armour is more important than the weapon imo.

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