What to do with Ice

Me and my friend jymp own the world Ice (basicly he is owner XD). We wanna rennovate the world and make it active again. So we were wondering if we should do an fish world with all spots, how it is right now, or better building an world with spots for 1 or 2 sorts of fishes.

What kinda fish world should Ice be?
  • All fish spots
  • one/two sort of fish

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If you voted the 2 option you can coment down below what sort of fish you would prefere.

ice and seaweed for tuna

Make the world full of ice blocks or maybe make it a parkour world where its made of ice blocks only and people will race to the end with the slippery block.

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The world is so rare since its 3 letter and I guarantee Illusion will buy that but for me keeping and building is the best option.

• Making Tuna Fishing world
• Making a WOTW
• Mass produce ice farm

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I think a WOTW attempt would be good for the world. There is already hundreds of fishing worlds. If you massed produced ice, I don’t think there is a large market for those blocks? I could be wrong though.

But either way, WOTW is an accomplishment if you care about those.

Melt the ICE!
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