What was your first world in pixel worlds?

I think mine is the world MTY, not 100% sure though. I locked it back in 2017 and then in 2019
I started evolving it and made a trash collection in it (rare stuff is taken out now).
Here is a picture of the world:

My first world is DUMBTOPIA

My first was GAMEXSY, and I never locked it with a wl because I was too poor at the time, there is still a sl to this day. Guess I never bothered to change it :man_shrugging:

KLJI, first world ever, found it already with some stuff built.

My first ever world is EkoKaos10

(Placeholder for my photo)


Dont ask what my 9 year old brain was thinking

my world was ILight
now its turned into an afk easter egg/lunar lantern/valentines heart farm

it was called crazyshop or something it was supposed to be shop world or something, it was nearly 2 years ago so only thing i remember about it was selling it for 15 world locks

My first world was called vikingsea

My first world was buterfly75. I remember just farming hundreds of BBB every single day without getting bored once

my first world was LAKALAKKAKAKA where i farmed green shirts for awhile, I havent touched it since January 2018, I dont plan to do anything with it, i just visit it for nostalgia, I made it when i was a pea brain fetus

This world is THEGEEKYNERD220. My first ever world that I owned! I have currently stripped 95% of the world to salvage some materials.


My first world: VANOHOME (i guess, i forgot cuz it was using my old account, im using my new/main account rn)