What was your worst punishment in school?

First of all. The system of punishments here is quite confusing, but I’ll try to explain.
School-issued Punishments

  • Parent Note - A notice of inappropriate behavior, written in your gradebook and sent to your parents. (Unofficial punishment, it isn’t logged anywhere, and can be issued by every teacher.)
  • Class Teacher’s Warning - When you’ve took it too far for the first time, it has no impact on your standing, it’s a warning. (Official punishment logged until next grade. Issued by class teachers.)
  • Class Teacher’s Strike - First strike before severe punishments occur. May also impact your standing. (Official punishment logged until graduation. Issued by class teachers.)
  • Principal’s Strike - Second and final strike before lowering of behavior grade. (Official punishment logged until graduation. Issued by the principal.*
  • B from behavior - Severe punishment, affects your ability to get accepted on further schools. (Official punishment logged permanently on report card. Issued after a discussion from the council meeting that happens once every 3 months.)
  • C from behavior - Very severe punishment, greatly affect ability to get on further schools. (Same as B.)
  • Contacting the authorities.

The authorities can…

  • Put you in kid’s prison for a few months
  • Take away from family and put in kid’s center until appeal
  • Put you in Alternative care
  • Permanently take away from family

Whew, what a long list. Regarding the question, I’ve mostly only got teacher’s notes, maybe some class teacher warnings that I don’t know about. But some classmates managed to get Bs or Cs from behavior, and one even managed to be put in kid prison for 3 months.

expelled for saying something messed up cuz I was stupid

i was put outside for talking in class in middle school. i felt like crying.

also i was never punished for fighting in elementary. i told my parents myself that i picked fights. they never knew. maybe because the stupid teachers thought i was innocent. I punched the dude first

because he was annoying lol

being given a 30-minute detention because I had talked WAYYYYY too much

I never got any since kinder :sunglasses:

Got into counseling room because I was simping for a girl in Elementary School. :sunglasses:

I edited my low grades to a high grade in 4th grade so they called my parents in and the teachers gave me extra homework for a week lol

Probably how I had to stand outside with some people just because I played at a break and had sweat

your mom sat on my calculator and broke it. this is your mom btw:

B and C’s? They are the second and third best grades in my school.

I had teachers who gave me punishments for the smallest and most stupid reasons. One time in year 3 someone threw up in class and i told the teacher i felt sick. Guess what

She sent me to another class.

I usually got sent to another class about once a day every week for stuff like this.
another example.

I made a rocketship out of these brick thingys(not lego) I was playing with my friends

I got in trouble for using to many bricks.

My friends were using at least twice the amount i was using

They stole them from me. My teacher did not care.

Another teacher
Year 4
She made me sit at this desk by myself cuz I didn’t like writing stories that didn’t include space, policemen or millionare villans.

In fact she had my parents come to school cuz she wanted them to not let me use electronic devices at home because i wrote about lego for a week(they did turn it off, but it didn’t stop me writing about lego cuz my brother was such a good person)

This was also the teacher that told me i was a liar when i told them that my “friend” had stolen some of my Lego figures and gave me chances(like detention, but at lunchtime) for it.

My year 5 was the year i got bullied and year 6 was the best cuz I knew the deputy principle very well and she allowed me to watch youtube and(sometimes) play minecraft at morning tea and lunch she was very nice.
I remember these VERY CLEARLY

This was last year

I was in japanese class, with this absolute poop head as a teacher(i cant say he was bad at teaching tho, i passed with 95% on the exam)

Basically, someone was whistling behind me during class, the teacher said the next person to whistle would get detention. And guess what? No, i didn’t whistle, i breathed out at a higher pitch by usual while my lips were wet. He spun 360 degrees around and pointed at me and told me i had a detention. Luckily the dean was a chill dude.

Another one from last year, I got the third highest mark in my class for social studies, and the teacher knew i did my work and crap, so one day he was checking our books, but the day before i lost it.

This resulted in a D in my report and so i got this card thingy which I had to get a A or an B on for attitude or effort for a week in a row or i would get detention. I had that card for 3 weeks cuz the Japanese teacher refused to give me anything over C if i said 1 word to someone.

I overwrote this didn’t i

I got myself in four fights and it was always merely all warnings.

Well, we use a different grading system for “normal” grades and behavioral ones.
Normals are A to F.
Behavioral are:
A - Normal behavior
B - Bad behavior
C - Exceptionally bad behavior

Behavior grade is irrelevant.

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The teacher made me get out of the class for wearing shorts


When I was younger I made a video about a certain disabled kid :slightly_smiling_face:
But all they did was sit me down and talk to me about it. They gave me a warning but that’s all

literally getting countless amount of warnings, nothing more.

I never got into that much trouble in the grades 7-9.

Here’s one instance:

I was waiting for my English class to begin in the 8th grade, when this one arsehole named (N) from my class came and pushed another person onto me when I was sitting on a bench. I was not prepared for it, therefore my adrenaline jumped up. I got up and pushed (N). Then (N) tried punching me in the face, but missed. I punched him in the face as self-defense.

I didn’t get into trouble, because the principal saw it as self-defense, and because (N) had sold tobacco products and done other idiotic things.

Thank god that tomorrow is my last day of attending that school. I’m likely going to attend a gymnasium in Helsinki after the summer break.

Edit: I just remembered another one from a month ago.
In the 9th grade we have national tests for things like mathematics. This year it was mathematics. It was done online at home. The teacher wondered how I got perfect answers to a question about something we hadn’t even had yet. She tried to get me to confess, but she didn’t get me to confess. She didn’t have any proof either. I just told her that I have “Selective memory”.

It seems we have the same type of teacher

after reading this I can deffo say something is a bit off with your teachers

BRUUUUUU WHAT LMAO that’s super weird

awwwwww :pleading_face: I had a similar experience like this when I was like 5, there was a teacher there who let me play with her tablet. The only game I played was Virtual Families.

huh that’s pretty odd