What will happen to next years anniversary without jake

will it be 1yo without jake lol

No, pw is still 5 years old even without Jake.

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sed life jake sed life it will never be the same without u

NewPW is brand new though.

yes… so how would next year be… we dont know

Since when it’s official thing?

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Just stop with this. Noone is convinced that PW will be changing so much. The only thing that happened is the devs passed the game down to other devs. Just stop.


Yes, and these are different devs from a different company. I’m pretty sure that Growtopia would actually still be good if they haven’t sold it to Ubisoft.

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That doesn’t mean wack. Let me tell you a short story. I used to play this game, where you could trade, mine, and build. No, it isn’t GT. There was this really nice guy, he was new. He liked to trade and made a big trade of 14m coins. Good enough for 2 prestige. People kept saying he was a scammer though, because no one knew him, and he was quite new. In the end, he took it seriously and became a scammer because 90% of the server wouldn’t stop calling him a scammer.
That might be the case here if you, and many others don’t stop with this, and saying the devs will ruin the game because they were just hired and know nothing about them. I have hope for these devs.


I’m pretty sure gt wouldn’t exist anymore if it wasn’t sold, seen as the previous devs were burned out from running it for like 5-6 years,

and also the game was getting pretty big so perhaps their servers couldn’t handle it anymore and they for one reason or another couldn’t get a server upgrade.

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If your talking about after Ubisoft buying GT, that was because 65% of the player base was actually bots lol

a question turned into a fight… wow

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It’s pretty common xD

I take offense to this in gt it was the seth, hamumu ,“aka” mike that gave up on . The game for money , i simply would’nt play if they sold it because, ubisoft .-_- would just p2w and growtopia wasnt about such until, ubisoft came in so. I purposely got banned because, i didnt agree to such things about . That subject hamumu aka mike hommel knows what i said , and some was harsh but truth mostly and how i felt about the game and the time put in. PW IS DIFFERENT THOUGH i live in pw i love pw pw is amazing ever since the first time i laid eye’s onto it.

I don’t understand what you’ve taken offense from since it is truth, I tend to see more bots than players when I play the game (I have 1000+ hours into the game)