What your FEAR?

So what is it?
Im fear of heights, calling someone, and being alone (Acrophobia, telephobia, autophobia)

What’s your fear’s?

im claustrophobic

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I have a fear of sharks, alligators, heights and irrationality
they’re all rational fears shut up

Cry :smiling_imp:


Thank the gods


Bestie do something about it :sob:

your mother


ngl i wanna jump down for some reason

Sounds like a cry for help.

No like seriously, if it was a bungie jump i would do it

There is one animal I am scared of, which is a flying cockroach.

dude. you can’t just say something like that then try play it off as a joke. you are adding to the stigma that already surrounds mental health and more particularly depression by doing so.

if you need help, there are people to talk to; let it be a friend, family member or specialist.

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I will literally jump and scream when I see one in my bedroom

Aren’t a lot of people like that though? It’s called the call of the void or something similar to that
When people are up really high they get the feeling to just jump lol

Seeing myself on mirror

Mathematics test result

call of the void is indeed a thing. but this happens when you’re actually at a high place. dude literally said he wants to jump of a building by looking at a picture. very different things.

(also don’t forget those threads from before…)

Taking the triple science subject combination next year.
I was told it would be extremely demanding

when completing year 12, i took 3 sciences; psychology, biology and chemistry.

you should be scared of chemistry. fear that thing with your life. massive headache.

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I"m fear of spiders and all the stuff like that…

I also hate having phone calls with someone i don’t know, that stress me and i’m always afraid that one of my parents will come in the room or close of my room during the call and i’ll be embarrassed