What's On Your Christmas List This Year?

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, it’d be cool to know what’s on everyone’s Christmas list this year!

Here’s my list:

  • Animal Crossing: Population Growing
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Gamecube memory card
  • Gamecube controller

I felt like going for a bit of a retro Christmas this year since I’ve always enjoyed the charm and personality that many retro games seem to have. (Also, if you’re wondering why I’m not getting a Gamecube itself with all of that stuff, it’s because we have a model of the Wii that’s backwards compatible with Gamecube games)

To anyone who celebrates other holidays, or simply doesn’t celebrate Christmas at all, I hope you have a great month, regardless.

Your list looks amazing, I also had a Wii but never really got into the gamecube backwards compatibility feature. Personally haven’t really thought about what I’d want, although even so not really needing anything nonetheless. Gamecube games seem really interesting since they look much more modern compared to N64 games yet are still rather old even now, it truly changed Nintendo’s 3D game quality to me.

man I miss my GameCube.
The only thing I really wanted is a m.2 for my pc

This’ll be my first rodeo with the GameCube backwards compatibility. Nintendo branched into producing 3D games incredibly well compared to most other developers, you can tell they put a lot of consideration into games such as SM64, and I feel like the GameCube just takes that even further, so it’s exciting to finally delve into the GameCube library.

Apple cider and thats it

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Candles. All I want is candles. There’s nothing better than lighting a candle, crawling under a soft blanket and drinking something warm. Hmm, maybe I’ll ask for some tea too.

I just really enjoy the winter vibe : D

i see someone else shares the same love i have for christmas (no im not calling it xmas shut up)

Vr headset is the only thing I want this year lmao

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I might as well hope for a Yakuza 0 cartridge for my PS4.
Otherwise, I’d just want my family to be happy and safe. That’s all :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t blame you.

Dude, candles are amazing. I always buy a cinnamon and apple candle around Christmas, so my bedroom always smells Christmassy.

That would be a pretty cool gift, what games are you planning to get with it?

Well, I hope you enjoy your Yakuza shenanigans if you get ahold of it! And also, that’s a nice wish.


exactly and a gun (20chars)

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Wait, wha-
Oh no…
Uh oh…

Ikr :star_struck: I currently have cinnamon scented candles to achieve that Christmassy smell in my apartment haha

Do you have any cool candle holders? I’d show you my favourite one, but I’m not home right now, lmao.

I always feel weird asking for things like “hey give me stuff even though I don’t do anything in return.”

But I guess I’ve been needing a Wi-Fi adapter for my PC since I tether my phone for internet currently.

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My list is Emplemon & Sneegsnag merch as well as a logitech (I think) webcam.

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Not as many as I’d like to have :frowning: I have a couple nice ones

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There really isn’t anything I currently want for Christmas. I’m pretty stacked in terms of games and I have enough of content to play around with, so yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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I wouldn’t be able to handle that, sounds like a pain…

A lot of YouTuber’s actually have high-quality merch, it’s surprising. I’ve got a poster on my wall, and a couple pieces of clothing. I don’t really wear the clothes anymore, since I outgrew them, but the poster is still great.

Maybe your New Year’s resolution could be to get more candle holders, lmao.

Well, I hope you enjoy the games you’re currently playing then, and the one’s you’re going to play in the future.


Hopefully Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and Superhot VR