What's the EXACT problem with allowing video uploads?

Even roblox devforums, that are alot more strict, allow video uploads.

Meanwhile, we are permanently restricted to only images. Why?
There are some cool videos that I want to share but don’t want to upload to YT.

Oh yeah, i have been wondering why we can’t upload videos without posting something to yt since i joined these forums, to be honest, its kind of weird.

server space. uploading a video takes up a lot more server space which costs money.
the alternative is just uploading it to YouTube, either way its publicly viewable.

I’ve uploaded it to reddit.
Here goes nothing, a direct video link:

This was an example to see if it works. Why do you have to be so negative against everything?

While the contents of the video are not related to the thread, posting a ‘throwaway’ video makes sense here. He was simply testing whether or not you can send a direct video link from a social media platform, which appears to be possible. Don’t try and speak for everyone, as I genuinely don’t see the issue here.