Whats wrong?

Hey, soo today i got an problem. Pw lags out every 5-20 minutes on my tablet, i disconnect Even If i switch apps Ex. Discord. But not with terraria it works perfectly i can Keep apps switched for over hours, i dont disconnect or lag out.

Whats wrong?

I’m gonna try to do this,
It may be cause because of -> Slow RAM, Small Storage Space, Malware?, Background apps or unupdated device/old.

Have you tried removing all background apps?
Have you tried resetting your device?
Try deleting some of the un-needed photos, videos or apps.
Is your device updated to the latest software update?

^ I know all of these because my neighbor used to fix my tab last year ^

Just trying to help… Forumers may help but we are not IT. If it still persists then it’s time to fix it to an it expert/device fixer or such.

moved this to #site-feedback subforums as it is a pw related issue.

And regarding the problem, you lag out 5-20 mins even when playing the game or only when switching apps?
If you only disconnect because of switching apps, then that’s inevitable as that’s probably on the game already.
If you disconnect even when playing, clear some space, clear cache and data of pw, get a better internet connection (if possible), or you might need to get a new device if it’s outdated.

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