Whats your favorite Globe in pw?

If I were to rank my top 3 Weather Globe in pixel worlds, it would be:

1.Pixel trail
2. Light Rain
3. Halloween

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I like city orb that so awesome

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I was talking about weather globes not weather Orbs

Owh sorry wrong read hehe🙏

I think you mean Orbs *

Northern lights, but i liked halloween one in a world themed around a sewer (pretty creative)

I like all of them but here’s my top 3:
One of them is definitely the new Northern Lights.
Other than that, I like light snowing and raining weathers.

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The rain weathers are amazing when you are playing lo-fi with rain background so it sort of matches and feels amazing. Other then that the new northern lights are amazing for night-based worlds.

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Yea, there is something about the rain that makes me feel calm while fishing. (Waiting for a strike will take a while)

Snowstorm is my favorite.


Northern lights and Pixel Trails. Absolutely.

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Mine is the Northern Lights.

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Both Light Rain and Heavy Rain Weather Globes are my favourites. They are just so relaxing.

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yea same :smile: :laughing:

Light snow and/or light rain, both are unobstructive and provide a great atmosphere. I dislike most other ones since they are rather obstructive, sometimes even an eyesore (sandstorm globe, I hate you).

  1. Sandstorm

  2. Pixel trail

  3. Northern Lights

Pixel trail
Light show
Northern Lights
Heavy Rain

Probably would be Light Rain/Snow, not too low-fps-maker and not too flashy.