Whats your favorite item?

The title says it all.
Mine is the winter fox mask but probably not for long (If you know you know why)

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Tridentist Lance.
I just like its style so much, and it also fits my set

Wow this post is such an original idea


For a guy who has stuck around playing the game despite occasionally having long breaks makes choosing a favourite item quite difficult, honestly.

I’ve never really had a preference, nor a permanent set to wear either.

Tbh, the lack of a favourite item also makes friends that want to surprise you with a dream item of yours a little more difficult.

In the end, I’ve got to give props to Lord’s Helmet for being such a good pick for a budget nether gearpiece. You can combo Wood Elf’s mask with it to gain a ton of bulk, then wear paladin gear and Hero necklace for heavy normal and dark bulk in addition to some elemental resistance. (Sorry for the wall text)

Nice item! :fearful::fearful::fearful::cold_face::cold_face::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::scream::scream:

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Lord’s helmet: Budget Drip

Might design a Lord’s Helmet upgrade to commission for community creations :flushed:

Does that really matter?

Not especially but can you really not think of something else to say why not just reply on a topic that is exactly like this

Bruh most unoriginal idea ever

okay then, i guess…

Cry about it :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:(20 characters)

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i actually didnt know there is such alot threads about this :neutral_face:

Really hard for me to choose maybe the Small water gun.

I will cry a lot about this you have deeply hurt me

Cry more :star_struck:

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djp rn bcs i need all jetpacks for my collection

I think that I have already answer to this. Anyways.
My favourite item, I think it would be my Black Emo Hair, I have it since it came out. :smile:

Ice rifle :ice_cube::gun:

Raven wings because I like black set like tuxedoes.