What's your grade at SCHOOL?

Tell us. we want to know what your GRADES is at school, Please, my child. show us the report card.

(This thread is about your school grades is and what your lowest grade subject you have, if you are available to share them to public forums then post it here)

My average grade last 2019 - 92%
(2020 to present, since due to a pandemic. me and my parents has no news on my grade)
Lowest Grade - Maths 87%

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yr 12 mathematical methods will be my lowest grade. as the school year just started 5 weeks ago, i don’t have any grades yet, i just know it will be my lowest.

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I’m in my last year of primary school, 9th grade.

Before I quit Growtopia my average was 6,7, after I quit, it went to 8,4 and is still rising.

Growtopia makes you dumb.

The scale in Finland is the following: 4-10, 4 being that you have failed and 10 being the best.

My worst grade has to be Swedish. Although I am a native speaker, I’m not the best at correct spelling. The grade is a 6 or 7. Using Å/O or Ä/E in words confuses me sometimes, since they sound the same. But I think I can give myself some slack, since I’m learning four languages.

Grades don’t really matter in primary school, except in the last year when you need to apply to a vocational school or a gymnasium.

9th grade is primary school??? lol what???

where i live in australia,
transition-6 = primary school
7-9 = middle school
10-12 = high school

how does your schooling even work

Peruskoulu; primary school, Grades 1-9.

I’m a failure

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Don’t worry man, I am too.

I’m currently in 8th grade,
My worst grade is russian, it has all different letters, Wich makes it hard to learn.
My best grade is definitely physics or maths not sure.

@Virtuous In my country:
Primary school: 1-9 years
Gymnasium: 10-12 years
And next comes university Wich is minimum 4 years, depends what u want to learn.

I forgot exactly but it’s 70-80%
Average is sometimes the best

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My average highest average is 97.7% (Our teachers here are favouritism)

wow very intelligent, how do you do it? ‘‘i somehow get bronze medal and i require gold’’

Mission failed, we’ll do it next time i mean you still can improve it. nothings impossible!

ikr back in 2018 where i still play gt and we were still friends back then, i used to fail maths by 78%, bringing up my total average of 86% that my parents dosent like.

just dont play the game frequently then you can improve your score.

all of you have different grading system since ours kinder to senior high schools, the scores goes to 70 (failure in life) - teacher 2020 and 90 (get rich soon).

I remember I graduated from Highschool with an average of 92% (aprox).
Now, the university is another thing :sweat_smile: