Whats your Lucky to Unlucky Moment in PW?

Well to me, back year 2017 I bought many lost souls thinking positively to get the Cthulhu Wings, I played many black tower and finally, When finish the black tower the prize was cthulhu wings. Im shock and take a screenshot then back the game Posting in ig, and I forgot that i didnt claim it so im hoping that i didnt dc but it does. Yeah Rip me :joy:

Whats your Lucky to Unlucky Moment in Pw? Share to us!

Well I found a 2 letter decayed world sold 210 wls that was pretty lucky

Luckiest moments
Getting. Legendary from the black tower

Unluckiest was getting hacked in 2017 and losing dp ooooof

My luckiest days in pw is getting an abyss sword in deep nether.
My unluckiest days in pw I mean irl? is when my computer’s battery got broken for no reason. Now I can’t play pw.

Luckiest probably that i win 5Pl ina giveaway because the owner quitted.
Was really lucky. But that was long ago.
Unluckiest was that i got hacked from a random guy and got scammed, so I had to change acc
with out getting anything from my old one. rip my old acc :sneezing_face:

luckiest moment when i was getting tridentist shirt with my best friend IN ONLY 2 secret base
unluckiest moment when i was a fisher get legendary puffer fish and get scammed

Luckiest prob getting Torm mask in btower. Unluckiest, didn’t remember actually


Luckiest: Got water wyvern at wheel and keeping it for 2 weeks
Unluckiest: Wyvern droped to 15 pl > 6 pl

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Xd thats sad :joy: