What's your story on starting Pixel Worlds?

Hello, I’m here today to find out how’d you people start Pixel worlds, and what’s your story? Mine is quite bad, but I deeply regret this because I would’ve been banned! Alright, so my story starts about 3-4 years ago, when I was bored and wanted to do something. I spent about a week farming on GT, earned profit, and like I said, got bored. I then came up with an idea. It’s to speedrun getting banned on Pixel Worlds. So my plan was, is to get a world lock, host a drop game, and scam until ban. Yes I know I know, horrible. BUT, luckily I just got bored and about 1 year later, I mained Pixel Worlds!
Edit: what I mean about “Luckily I got Bored” in the pixel worlds ban speedrun part, is I was basically too lazy to get the world lock.


Hello Moose.

Well, I think the main reason that I downloaded Pixel Worlds was for nostalgia. I had some good and bad experience with my friends from Growtopia, but instead of downloading GT, I chose to try out Pixel Worlds. After I downloaded Pixel Worlds, I was amazed by how well the community is.

I decided to join Pixel Worlds forum and I had some good/bitter moments, but I really enjoy being here. Then here I am, very active in forum and talking to you guys while preparing for my uni. :grin::+1:


Nice story, the real nostalgia hits hard tho when you go to the world “OLDPIXELSTATION”. I joined the forums mostly because, why not? I ended up enjoying it here like you did and decided to stay! Thanks for your story!


It all started in a afternoon in 2018, I was on my brand new tablet looking for a game to play (this was during nether update btw) and i decided to redownload growtopia, but when I looked in the recommended games section I found pixelworlds, so i played that for the day because it looked like gt, i started by farming grass and making shirts and clothes, i still have my first world untouched to this day


When i first started pixel worlds it was very interesting for me it was just something new and i was confused but i kept playing and playing that at some point i found a world with BBB so the first thing i did is to grab as much as possible because there were other people after that i started farming BBB every time i came from school. Weeks upon weeks all i was doing was to farm BBB and buy samurai packs(i know buying samurai packs was bad idea but i was noob)
After some time i made a “friend” and after some time i decidet to get 7.5k gems just to buy Pixie wings after few weeks of grinding i got the needed amount of gems and after buying the wings 1 hour later i got scammed in dropgame because i did not even know what dropgame was. Long story short that “friend” quited the game, after few months i met my best friend in a random world and we quickly trusted each other and the rest is rest
Edit: even to this day i still remember the guy who scammed me (that happened years ago)


well it started on 2018 (3 days before the fishing update came), my friend told me about pw and i was like “ok why not”, sadly i had some old pc, so when the update came pw stopped working on it so i just left it after i started feeling the fun, now i’m back after 2 years when the same friend told me “hey you remember that game we talked about 2 years ago? now that you got a new pc why don’t you play it again”, and i was like "ok :sunglasses: :+1: " so this is how it started, not special but yes. (well he told me about gt first but when i saw the graphics i said “hell nah” then he told me there’s one with better graphics which was pw)


I wouldn’t say it’s not special, your friend reminded you of a great game a few years later! that in itself is a great thing.


My friend recommended it to me back in 2017 and i tried it out, since i was a kid who basically didn’t understand english at all i quitted like a month after.

So one day back in 2020’s valentine time this game hopped into my head and i once again decided to download it. when i first played it after years. I saw how much game had changed ever since then, I really fell in love with the game and played it actively for about one year.

And well… now I am not really interested in spending hours to grind, i still really love the game itself though, but it’s all about grinding pretty much.

there are also 2 things i regret:

  • Quitting back in 2017
  • not making a proper name and not setting up recovery email after i re-joined

1st. Be bored, so you open your pc.
2nd. Open the windows store.
3rd. See a game called PixelWorlds.
4th. Download it, because you think it doesnt even look half bad.
5th. play it.
6th. play it until today.


Well I saw some finnish youtubers reviewing the game when it first came out and thought why not try it out. I also noticed that my brother had started to play it too so from there on we played the game together.

Well he quit after about 2years but I still enjoyed the game so I still played it after my brother quit.

And to this day I just haven’t been able to let go of pw.

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Well my story started like a normal one i would say.

I was bored an evening and i browsered the Microsoft Store to find games like Minecraft.

I found out about a game called “Pixel Worlds” and decided to give a try because after seeing the trailer and the pictures to present the game, i was really interested.

And this is how i created my in game account, the 5th of August 2019.

(Based on the Confirmation email i got the 5th August 2019 at 02:41 and also by taking my account age which is 799 and subtract it from today day (12th October 2021)

At first, i remember that i visited the world “foresthills” which was the first world i visited after the pixelstation (if i’m correct), there was the superhero event going on and i was interested soo i just came here and asked people how to participate in the event.

I went visiting other worlds and hanged out basically.

I came back at foresthills a day after because i wanted to participate to the superhero event, i talked a bit with someone called “zaymannboi” who told me about the event and that you should get a good weapon and armor for it otherwise it’s would be impossible.

And this is here where i met my first ever in game friend which i still nowdays have on my friend list and told me he created his account earlier on the day / few hours ago before i created mine.

but unfortunately, he went inactive after few days, i only saw him once after we meet at foresthills and no more.

Few weeks after (the 23th August i would say) there was this new world of the week called “adventurepirate” and i wanted to check it out.

I visited and explored it a bit and after i saw someone who was fishing at this spot called “PrinceCharming”.

(i took a picture when he was about to leave and added me to my friendlist on my old pc but i couldn’t get back the picture so i just took my og set and screenshotted this place)

He teached me the basics of fishing and how it’s works.

Soo yea… a lot of things happened since the 5th August 2019, i made tons of gifs (which a lot of you guys surely saw or used at least once) and fun fact, i was the first ever to do a gif about the game at that time if i’m correct (there was only the turtle spining one back in the days)

My first one was this one

created the 06/09/2019 at 11:26:44

Basically a lot of things happened since that, i made a whole playlist on my old channel with all the in-game music / soundtracks, created my own YouTube channel to create Pixel Worlds content, participated in some contest and now, the 12th of October 2021 at 22:04:55, making this forum post to share my story.


Basically that’s what happened to me haha!


Well I basically got banned from gt for downloading one of those sethmumu hacks in 2015
For serveral years I tried finding games like GT but none had the same charm until I found out about pw
I knew about the game as soon as it came out but I couldnt download it anywhere since my phone was extremely bad
So I didnt start playing til the PC release
Thats basically all

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Quite a shame for me, really.

Sometime in 2017, Growtopia kept refusing to let me make an account. I found this game after uninstalling gt for like, the 3rd time. The game looked interesting. The art was pretty cool, looked like a more modern version of gt so i tried it. Had fun, farmed some marble seeds and stuff. I logged off to watch yt or smth and let my trees grow. At that point i didnt know about locks yet. So when your friendly neighborhood eagle logged back in, i was rather saddened to see my world was raided. I got put off and uninstalled the game lol.

Eventually I was able to make a growtopia account. Though I still logged in occasionally to see whats new with the game. I was mostly only online for at most an hour.

A few years later, growtopia got horribly boring so I moved back here. Man I missed so much stuff lmao. The only good thing I have is that I own the world names EAGLET and EAGLETS lol

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Free category on Steam go brrr


Perfect timing from the Internet

It all started when I was scrolling through Google Play Store and suddenly found Pixel Worlds, well this kind of games caught my attention so much that I got so addicted to it now, but not anymore.

Anyways, when I first played the game, since I played Growtopia before I already know how to mess with the GUIs instantly. I looked to the shop, and saw the Demon Wings and I grind for it 'til I get it.

The first ever world I joined into was Jake’s world. The one where there is a tower, on top of the tower there’s a Huge Metal Fan and Ice, you have to figure out how to do those in order to get to the other side, if you fail you’ll die from the buzzcutters at the bottom.

Here’s my first ever account, but it’s now on somebody’s hands.

So my story started all the way back in 2019 when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing. Ahhhhh those days.

I was playing on my tablet and was kinda bored of playing Minecraft, so I regularly scoured the Play Store for games that interested me. I saw an interesting looking game called Pixel Worlds that was always being recommended to me, so I tried it. Little did I know that I would play this game for over 2 years.

I was a pretty noob guy during my first year (and it was only when I switched accounts that I became more rich and stuff). I invited my classmates to play along with me, however, they bailed out weeks later, leaving me with no one to play with. A few days after my 13th birthday I joined the PWG Discord and bailed out a few months later in 2021. Now, I’m still playing Pixel Worlds to have fun with my friends!

I also downloaded said game in all of the devices I currently have - an Android and Apple tablet, and my 2 Windows and macOS laptops!

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So my story is this:

It was during when the alien booster first released, when the froggy hat was the daily bonus, and late 2019. My friends in school were playing pw and I thought, “Hm, sounds like a cool game” so I downloaded it. It was pretty good, I liked the design and the whole point of the game. My first account was Tiberius101 if I remember, I had this guy named Trayan who is my first friend. I made only 1k bytes on that account before I forgot the password and lost that account (sad). I made a second account TiberiusZgo which I got kind of rich there. I made around half a pl on that account and spent a year on it. Sadly, when I tried to make an alt account, I didnt make a recovery email so I forgot the password and lost that account. My third and current account named [ZGO] is probably the most successful. I have made a pl (worth of bytes) faster than my two accounts (thanks mining) and I have been on it ever since. I decided to name my other accounts (like my forum account) TiberiusZgo still because that was my most iconic account imo because that was my favorite account name and I met the most friends there. But now all my friends are off (all 33 of them) so I want to make new friends but idk how to tbh so I just flew to the forums to see if there are anyone who wants to be my friend lmoaooo.