When will be new mods added?

When was the last time mods were added?
There should be more mods, because of all the scammers and hackers in pixel worlds.

Hi, glad to see new faces in Forums!

There is currently a Moderation Application going on and admins are going through applications. A new mod will be added when they will get selected and ready to do the job.

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When ever you want :wink:

You mean the group of a grand total of


people, one CM/MM and one dev?

I just can’t stand this anymore. But hey, Jake promised us a better future! …So, where is it?

Actually it’s a group of 3 people :nerd_face:

There’s a new mod cadet
although in the grand scheme of things I walk in on 10 dropgamess, harassment and racism (even in gms) every day regardless.

People that are permanently on martial leave don’t count.

Me too!

Have you seen the secret surprise chest game ? At a very busy PWE machine someone was encouraging all to come and play in a world … “…find valuable rare items and make s lot of BC…”. Anyway I was having none of it and waited there telling everyone around it was a scam until eventually the player left … s lot more was said (no swearing i promise)

Just preying on really young players - these scum would steal pocket money!

That’s were mods should be .

I’d like to see some surprise and harsh warnings given out with these scammers told to go play another game if they do that … Hopefully mods have powers to summon players ??

How about locking a pixelian in s room for 10mins ? Even if they sign out of the game and come back they are still there with the time doubled to 20mins

Also racism is bad in the world’s as well use of the ‘n’ word should be an instant/automatic 1 day ban imo - no excuse - even if said in jest!

It would soon stop

Aaargh :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: rant over

Ondrashek Post #4098410. Been counting his posts for years and yet no useful one that contributes. Wish me luck guys

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That’s why I should become a mod :wink:

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I’d be a very weird moderator, if that were to happen.
I have gotten banned from 3 discord servers.
Almost got banned from another one.
Raised a controversy 4 days ago.
Another controversy ~17 days ago.
Got a moderator in a server demoted 11-12 days ago.
[I won’t name the servers even if you ask me privately. Please don’t. I’ve had a rando in a server ask me that and needless to say. He didn’t get anything.]

Me too (: this is cool too

Yes yes, me too. I totally understand what you said.