When you make an idiotic hacker angry lol

I locked the dudes world where he was spamming and then he went mad monke mode lol

Mods did absolutely nothing, he went on for like an hour straight spamming that in the ham radio

Had to censore the name since “omg nooo naming and shaming bad” just like come on focus on some actual rule breakers and not naming and shaming lol

I found it pretty funny but people like this should be out of this silly little video game :slightly_smiling_face:


Regular player’s can lock a world :grimacing:

Calling that a hacker is exaggeration.

He sent ham radio messages without a ham radio so yea :slight_smile:

You just cant mention that because “ooo talking about hacks is against the rules”

It’s still exaggerating. Real hackers do more advanced things.

He hacks he is a hacker its simple lol

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To call someone like that a hacker, is an insult to all hackers.
Technically he is though.

I thought that hacking can also mean modifying something, such as putting a moisture sensor or raspberry pi on a smart WIFI socket.

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He just evaded the badwords… The F-word should’ve been *** + Light said the activity was happening for hours then I can considered it as a bot and a hacker. There’s also in-game hackers you know. (Which you alr know when you played gt)

Man, this hacker can’t really hold a grudge lmao.

Hilarious man spams thousands of messages hating on some total stranger and a virtual hat in a video game

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