Where are the other card packs?

There is ONLY the basic card pack?

Literally any other card game has different types of card packs. For example, Scratch Wars has these card packs:

  • 1 random hero card (Any expansion type)
  • 1 random weapon card (Any expansion type)
  • Booster pack (2 random heroes, 3 random weapons) (Any expansion type)
  • Starter pack (2 random heroes, 4 random weapons, 1 health counter/roller, 1 scratch “coin”) (Any expansion type)
  • MegaBooster pack (Don’t know the contents, never bought it) (Any expansion type)
  • Xmas Special (Contents vary between expansion types, usually 2 starter packs from different expansion types and a foil card, but might contain stuff such as boosters, or a playing board)

While in PW? We only have the basic booster pack, containing 5 completely random cards, and a starter pack that you can ONLY buy 1 time.
What about other types? Just where are these packs?

Well, PW’s card game feature is pretty much unfinished, though jake haven’t said ANYTHING about new card packs, he has only told that there will be more card backs soon.

i agree with you in this point, there should be more than only 1 sort of pack in shop.

This EXACTLY happens when you rush an update.

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