Where can you find png blocks?

i want to find the picture of some blocks without the background

Wher can u find them? No im not checking pw

also is this general? Lol

hax :>

You can find some assets here Pixel Worlds Assets (not complete)

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Imagine svg blocks… Infinitely large blocks w/o losing quality (but sadly not compatible with PW forums)

actually, im making a scratch game with pixel blocks from games

svg would be great imo
Edit: Wow, the quality didnt change when i was rezising the soil block, cool

Wow, that was way more than i wanted lol

Thanks btw

also thanks for SERXAN for making it

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Serxan is a true gamer. I also used these assets for a project I had.

sry for bumping but, is there some pictures for world locks and platinum locks? I used wiki pictures but it have low quality lol

idk if it’s legal to say here but there’s something called Asset Ripper
you can use it to get all of the game assets (it took like 1 hour to export all of the assets)

THat is like leaker dude, but idk if it legal or no, but for sure i wont use it

gonna be inactive until tomorrow because i having a test tomorrow lol

no one can get the assets without using it so :melting_face:

You can take a screeny and crop it out…

what about items like dracula cape

Tell ekip and he can probably get one in 15 minutes.

bro he got banned xd

You guys seem to forget Wiki and Upload Image – remove.bg exists lol

(And ofcourse Photopea and Photoshop)

so youre asking me to play PIXEL WORLDS???
Or smth like that, idk

Which blocks you need. I can login and screeny them.

It’s already quicker for you to go to the Pixel Worlds Wiki and remove the background yourself lol
(It’s not considered going ingame aswell, dunno why you have a problem with it)

i did
but look t that quality
it have a very bad quality fr