Where did my boy latest profile posts go

:thinking: also hello everyone, this feels like too drastic of a change, i liked the old style much more better

All the old posts aren’t immediately available right now, you’ll need to wait until the archive is released


thats nice, going to love it. ill see how this new forum will turn out once its finished

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I definitely preferred the old style of the forums, but this one is brand new, and it’ll probably take a while for it to evolve in a way similarly to the old one.

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You really like white themed forum more than a dark themed forum?

The new one has some strange defaults but otherwise it’s a pretty nice, I like how this looks comparatively

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my first comment in someone’s thread

Yeah, they definitely look nice, and they’re satisfying to use with a bunch of cool features. My main preference when it comes to the old forums is that they better represented Pixel Worlds, in my opinion (with the colour palette and stuff).

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It’s something you have to get used to I guess. I personally like this design way more, looks way more modern and appealing to new users.

There was still a nice touch to the old forums either way, although I’m liking this much more nonetheless

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