Where influencer MAG has gone?

Hello guys! Maybe some of u remember MAG
hes last video was posted 6 months Ago!
Do anyone know Anything about Him?
Last time i saw Him in his own price world MAG.

help me become influencer😅

Mag isn’t an influencer anymore. Also uh considering you’re on 24? subscribers and there still isn’t any Pixel Worlds Only Content influencers, maybe lower your hopes just a little… probably gonna take a lot of years, especially if you started making videos late.

Oh ofc it would take years of work to get Even a video featured.

Why he’s not influencer anymore? Havent heard of it…

He lost his status over a year ago.

Do u know reason? I Asked for a reason😅

Oh uh… It was just for toxicity towards admins because he got influencer using a fortnite Instagram account, and he later deleted all the pixel worlds posts and advertisements. So technically he didn’t meet the requirements.

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Well sad then, he was good youtuber