Where regular :0


Your account might be blacklisted. If it got muted or banned within the last 6 months, it is blacklisted and you cannot get regular.

@SEAF I still need my regular back :sweat_smile:

Haha ez pro gamer dub

It means that the council of regulars has decided your fate. In all seriousness, actively contributing to the forums seems to be one of the significant factors when it comes to becoming a regular if you have not been punished before on this platform.


I think you need to get a certain amount of likes recently

Gonna have to wait for around 4 months bro :sunglasses:


is regular mod tool?


Be like Tellcode and you’ll get your regular badge :3

Regardless excluding me there are only 5 other non moderator regular’s here.

I’m sure that desti wasn’t blacklisted

Is dat a challenge >:>

What if I don’t want to wait? What if I want to wait 3.5 months instead of 4?

knock yourself for 0.5 month and now you are waiting 3.5 months

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also want regular cuz i spent like months to get it and it got removed from my acc .________.

Maybe Desti’s reporting flag has reached the Limit?


my what flag

There’s a limit on how many “reports” you can get on the forums. If you reach the limit you can’t be a regular ganger.

I was suspended by a past moderator that’s why

uh huh

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