Which platform is the best for discussion?

I was wondering, which platforms players prefer when it comes to discussing topics about the game? So I decided to make a little poll.

Examples of some general topics:
  • Ideas, concepts and suggestions.
  • Bugs and glitches.
  • News about the game and updates.
  • Art, worlds or videos showcase.
  • Marketplace: game economy and items’ prices.
Which platforms do you prefer?
  • The Forums
  • PW Official Discord Server
  • Both of them, discord and the forums
  • Other

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I prefer the forums, it’s perfect for organized and detailed topics. You can speak your mind and think about what you’re saying before posting.
I don’t find that in the discord server, it’s a bit too fast and you can’t really post anything super detailed without just cluttering the chat, and the topic might change before you even post what you were going to say.
BUT, the discord is great for people who want a normal conversation with eachother for fun or whatever, no need for big detailed messages or thread topics there.

But I prefer the forums.


Couldn’t have said it better. I agree with you @Bluvox.
For more serious discussions, I would prefer the forums. It’s just a neater and organized place to do it.
And I would prefer the Discord Server to meet new people, chat with them, and having fun with them.
But overall, I think that I would pick the forums. :smile:

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