Who has this item?

Bruh who has this item lol

no one

What u mean? Is that even exist?

I mean like why no one has it is there any way to get them?

Wow tell her give that to me i buy for 1 soil

probably we will never know cuz all of the owners left the game

I was wondering what this item was about too.

probably another bugged item. i never saw in game

not bugged nor beta, its just 0 ingame

I believe you get them from the Basic or Pro clothes packs as I’m sure I got yellow rubber boots from one of them so I’m presuming same applies for the red ones?

Nah, red one is special and it’s very rare.

I’m sure I’ve seen this item before

Yeah maybe you saw EkipAli, Siskea lend him 1.

Nah like I’m talking a while back.

I looked for ages for those boots. Even had an offer up …

Another oddity you can’t complete the set without them . Anything else is just stupid.

So many incomplete sets in the game :cry:

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