Who is richer: Janski1 or EkipAli

Janski1 is THE richest player who has ever walked the game, having around 4 dracula capes I believe and many dark pixies and limited items, he was banned awhile back due to illegal trading, he was the richest player who ever played, my question is if his wealth still stands to EkipAli’s wealth, one of the wealthiest players currently ingame. I’m quite curious who is richer, and if anyone can give me an explanation

Who janski1? i feel like hearing this name before but i forgot
is that the guy who sell his items for irl money?

Yeah thats what he used to do

Now i remember, thanks. Lol i forgot him cuz last time i know was a year ago

He’s still checking the game so he doesn’t lose his worlds. He got banned for 10 years