Who is your favorite forumer?

Tell me who is you favouirite fprumer in this forum can be many just be honest ok?

Theres alot of good players here but for me its @HeyRicky :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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i like aldapple, kaitreina, quakko, jek, comaundurkei, nuaeonslyear, flauwerrukku, mairo, soper logi, mamamia

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ur rude siethyy im not good forumer for u :frowning:

also banualilna !!!

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I like The Executioner

probably dawnhell for being a great guy, also georges and rock3feller for managing the subreddit.

Everyone’s whos kind is better.
My current favorite forumer is Editson, what a God of suggestions he has…

I’m not on anyones list :frowning: but my fav is @Shawn cuz he got the same name as my older brother

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How the hell you guys got ur favorite forumer , everyone is the same so.

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To be fair,
I like everyone who is giving respect and kindness to each other.

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Most forumers are mature and kind so I guess that’s enough for me to like/respect them. I still don’t have a favorite forumer though.

There is some mature forumers who have great kindness. So it’s so hard to choose just 1.

Sky that is Bubbly, Ghost, son that edits

my fav @1NB4 Also others

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My Favourite @Blackwight ,but i dont get point of this thread… Everyone here Are making good stuff unless Fake siethy. Real, @Siethy80 is good:)

you do realize that someone stole my identity and its been taken care of right?
The Fake Siethy account has been deleted by the Admin.

i know, i was joking

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