Who is your favorite musician?

Refrained from using the word “artist” to not get it confused with Pixel Worlds artists.

Who is your favorite musician/band, and what is your favorite album/song from him/her/them?

I want to expand my music taste and i would love to see what you guys are listening to!

No judging please, everyone has they own music taste

Music is my fav musician :joy::joy::joy: but ppl call hem moodick

being an artist is different to being a musician. anyway, i know what you’re trying to say.

i’ve been listening to radiohead a lot. i don’t really have a favourite artist/musician.

I usually hear Oasis with an album called “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”
and also Green day with an album called " 21st Century Breakdown".

Actually, It depends on my mood. I also like classical music such as Beethooven or Mozart.

Ludwig Van Beethoven & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is my favorite, I somehow like listening to old musics. and I uncommonly listen to present music.

tbh i just listen to pop songs i have like maybe 10 artists that i would like

Well i like music like from Armin van Buuren

I love 90’s disco music, mostly.

idk i have none (2000)

Hmm, John Williams, probably?

Enjoyed the music that was played throughout Star Wars. Felt like it kept going on scene, and very climatic.

I like Beethoven. I used to listen to it a lot when I was like 7

Listening to a lot of rock / metal nowadays.
One of my favorite artists as of this moment is Brothers of Metal, album Emblas Saga from them, one of my favorite songs from there is Hel:

Other artists I’m mostly listening to right now are Battle Beast, Beast In Black, Powerwolf. Will include a link to an album from all of them:

One of my favorite songs from the following album is Madness.

One of my favorite songs from the following album is Unlimited Sin.

One of my favorite songs from the following album is Killers with the Cross.

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Aurelio Voltaire is one of my favorites

No clue anymore, I listen to alot, I think maybe Gorillaz or Green Day, although usually I just listen to random playlists on Spotify to find new songs

Mostly Hatsune Miku songs for now, but the artists vary from one to another. Mitchie M’s tuning is phenomenal though

I like listening to Ed Sheeran

Adam Young (Owl City)