Who is your favourite creator?

Personally my favourite creator is problably Games12 just because …

  1. He gives good info on stuff that has happened
  2. He uploads frequently
  3. He never writes crap

Also i really like Jake’s livestreams but i wouldn’t count that as content creation because he is a worker at Kukuori and basically the owner or so of the game.

Leave it down there in the replies who is your favourite content creator?


do you mean a content creator that makes content based on PW?

Yeah. PW youtuber, community member, streamer etc

Tbh, @BPup
His videos are great for a newstarter,

  • His audio quality is about 8.3/10 (Unlike cringe tubers making vids with no editing and a rusty mic)
  • His videos are summarized, making people not get bored
  • Nice editing

But ofc every content creator has some flaws


BPup is very helpful . I don’t like the content creators because their content is meh

  1. Games12
  2. zygora
  3. Earthh

isnt he Earthh?

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Jk ofc, I don’t have a favorite one, but I do also enjoy BPup & Games12, aswell as BlackWight & Sieggy.


Yup I typed earthh but it got autocorrected and I just didn’t notice


my favourite youtubers

I like Games12 and Earthh, entertaining content creators.

BPup, Games12 and PixelBot.
I dont watch any other pw youtubers since mostly its omg set challange or road to trillion million PL
Earthh has quality content as well but its not entertaining for me

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Men of quality enjoy games12’s content

Oh yeah, and PixelBot. These days i didnt have much time to watch the streams so his highlights are really helpfull :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

favorite creator is your mom.
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