Who own the first greek column and how the first player get it?

So i wondering how the first player who got the greek column get it?

What is a greek column? Is it not a normal prop?

It is a glitched unreleased developer found in 2 dev worlds (one I forgot but one is @Krampus)

I dont know who is the first person who got it but whoever he/she is, I think they got it from 2 developer worlds with decayed locks and unreleased items (the greek column being one of them) there was only 2 in game and was 2 pl back then probably. Now it is not worth much since it is a farmable.

I’m assuming you mean the world “Dimos” which didn’t have one too my knowledge. The world was opened for everyone to build and break. I owned the world for quite awhile after it decayed and, i did not have a column in the world.

Green column was a glitched item, but now it’s a farmable so every pixelian in game can get it with paying a low price.

the seed used to be like… 2pl?

I guess no.
Someone selling greek column 1/1 tho so i guess it cheap rn

yea im talking about before

yup, I guess (20 charac)