Who Wants A Wl?

Comment down below to get 1 wl for freeeeee!

@smile70 does, help out a noob :relieved:

Fake news, i do not appreciate fake news, i am in fact NOT a noob, so this proves that this is fake news.

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Fair enough I guess.

Give me a world lock :angry:
There is a donation box at EXOSOLDIER :flushed:

@Xeo Just put the wl in the box :smiley:

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I’m too lazy to check so I’ll believe you
Thanks hun xoxo

When are you giving out the 1 wl? My box is at: FarmMiner.

@FarmMiner The wl has been dropped off

Guess I should get in on the shenanigans, there’s a box at GLASSPALACE if you’d like to give one to me.

yeahh i am one! where can i get one?