Who's Hyped for the Card Update?

  • Yes I am Hyped!
  • No I am not hyped
  • Meh, I will see
  • I do not know
  • I do not care

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Is it today or on 16th?

16th, I think

I’m not fond of card games in general (games like what has been shown in the trailer, not games like Uno or CaH) so I’m not really excited for the update

If we can fight friends, I would be SUPER hyped. : )

Super excited!
@Bongojr @StealthNinja - Yes it’s on the 16th

I got a world called GAMEOFCARDS you can check it out its meant to be a place where if you wanna look for a battle, you can find an opponent there. Not really finished but it will be open.

Last time I was hyped for update was mining update, I ended up disappointing.

Never again :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never been this excited for an update.
I just hope it doesn’t flop

I really like the concept although mining is still the best update imo

Well the bt update every is most favorite of the ppl I guess. But* it’s like a yearly thing.