Why 20 characters limit?

Back in the old forum there was no such limit and it was great, now you can no longer reply to someone just with “lol noob”.


Omg bulina is back…!

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omgomgomg! :open_mouth:

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Well, you have to be creative and make the sentence longer, using your example you could say “laugh out loud noob” or “lol you are a newbie”


aiiiii turtlu wassup

so that people wouldnt make useless and spammy posts/replys.

Instead of “lol noob” you could alternatively say “Haha, you amuse me, inexperienced one, I might say you had caused me to laugh out loud even!”
That’ll definitely go over the 20 character limit.


It’s most likely to avoid spam or meaningless conversations.

By the way, welcome back Bulina.


Lol noob (20 characters)


I think they are trying to encourage the person who is making the useless post perform their whole performance at once, as to save everyone’s time.

This is to prevent bots and sich from scamming the Forum with useless scams and such and also just to prevent trollers etc.

From leo

No it’s not?? Bots in general would send much longer than 20 character messages. Bots are prevented by the complicated account creation process. Prevent trolls? No, it prevents spam/unnecessary messages that lack importance. I’m pretty sure a “troll” is capable of typing over 20 characters. That would be the worst troll defence imaginable.


Well it does avoid people making very short and unnecessary replies/posts like just replying “yes” to a post you agree to.
And also, welcome back!

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Lolollolololololoololol (Just to increase the 20 character limit smh)

It is to prevent bots with scm links

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Ooh (ok… blabla filling the 20 characters)

The above link is 23 characters. A 20 character limit does not prevent “scam links”. Please stop pretending to know what you’re talking about.

We’ve got your point, no need to write 2 replies in which you fill 20 characters.

Listen it’s for preventing bots