Why All Items Rising Too Much?

Why is the price of items rising so irregularly? For example, can I buy my dream item after 5 months? I dont have dream item now. Do you think item prices will normalize or will they continue to rise irregularly?

It’s quite simple to answer this actually.

There was the recycle event going on and everyone basically added tons of bytes in circulation which made items rise.

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So according to you, the price of the items will not always rise like this?

The inflation of bytes stopped because the recycler event stopped, so items will stop rising. As i noticed now, items started to drop due that people basically stopped to add more bytes in the circulation.

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so can i grind bc without worried about? :slight_smile:

Yes, items will drop a bit now and will rise again next time recycle event will start.

You basically have around 2 months to grind and get the bytes you need.

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Items will drop before recycle event?

They will mostly drop after the event ended and MIGHT will drop few days before the event.

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Hmm ty for help @RetNos Cya later… :smiley:

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I have almost same question but about VIP prize. Like wth. Before, every new VIP item costed around 20 WLs at the beginning, but since Necromancer Cape or Mannequin Mask, they started being 50 WLs or higher, and now players selling new VIP items for 25 000+ bytecoins, which is 1 PL+ already. Just why it turned out like that?

Basically because it’s in demand and more the time pass, less there is in game soo they rise

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Not to mention that the price of such items will rise if their design is good and the effect it has.

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That’s why I mentioned it as one of the possibilities of why certain items rise in price. You have to look at each item separately to know why it happens does not mean it has to meet all of the mentioned reasons above as it would be ridiculous.

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Literally a limited booster item :joy::joy:

There used to be a lot less BC in circulation, so each BC held more value than right now. Think of it this way, if there were a total of 10,000 BC in the game to ever exist, and now there are 10,000,000 BC, then 1 BC from back then is equivalent to around 1,000 BC today.

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I was actually watching a lot of youtube videos on mmo economies recently because I am interesting in making my own game. I learnt just how complex and difficult it is to maintain a stable and fair economy. With the way the game is now, I can totally see how it got much harder to keep a stable economy with all the new features and items on a monthly basis.

But people traded with WLs before? So BC value doesn’t really matters back then. And VIP items started to rise when WLs were still tradeable.

Yeah vip prizes and all limited items are gonna rise as long as there is demand for them no matter what, because there are only a limited amount of those items in the game.

World Lock cannot be taken out of the circulation. However, there is no restriction as to how much you can dump in. Meaning, people can simply buy World Lock from store, and the circulation has one more World Lock. This, in itself, will not affect much. However, over time, with more World Locks being flooded in without a single out coming out (maybe one or two after an account is inactive for a year), it results in perhaps even worse situation. All in, zero out.