Why are GIFs allowed but videos aren't?

I thought that no sorts of videos are allowed because of server space.

But GIFs take about the same amount of server space as videos.

It is just making it more annoying to convert .mp4 to .gif each time I want to post a video here.

Quick response: GIF stands for : Graphics Interchange Format

Basically, a GIF is a annimated picture and these kind of “”"""“picture”""""""""" takes way less space than a video.

Well… if you post the video on a website like YouTube or Dailymotion, you wouldn’t have to convert the video to a gif and there would be sounds whereas gifs… You surely know there is not.

Whatever video hosting website I found has been so bad.

  • YouTube is good for public videos, but sucks at any other videos.
  • Streamable doesn’t provide direct video links, you have to use their crappy video player.
  • Vimeo requires an account, and I’m not going to register just to post a video.
  • Bitchute/Odysee/Brandnewtube - See YouTube.
  • Dailymotion seems like a news website, not a website where you can upload videos…

You can private or unlist videos though, and it doesn’t suck that much honestly


You can set the videos to unlisted.

Same goes for YouTube, Dailymotion and the other platforms for example this forums.

Do you have an idea of how many OG YouTubers started in that website ?

If you can’t upload videos, then tell me how there is videos on this website.

News websites also have videos, only their staff can upload them though to articles.

As i just mentioned like 1min ago, OG YouTubers started their adventure here.

I may didn’t visited that website since years but i’m 100% sure you can upload videos on that site if you create an account.

Whenever a title says “why” or something about privacy I know it’s made by ondra lmao


Pretty much, it’s easy to distinguish one of Ondra’s threads just by reading the title.