Why aren't the people running the game aren't accepting help from the community?

(you = pixel worlds team, the 2 people running the game)

Qwu and mrcoffee are willing to help make items for the game yet you decline their help and instead decided to do stuff on your own accord.

They literally made better designs than the ones you made…

This is what they made that took a few weeks to make.

Vs the ones you made with months of preparation. XD

The wings looking like raven wings but worse. Heck the one in Growtopia looks way better than that!

images (7)

Don’t get me started with the tentacle legs :neutral_face:


The hammer and mask looks alright in my opinion but they don’t deserve to be legendary items cause they looking like ultra rare / rare rarity items :sob:

The 999 candy wings sucks. It’s just ugly, has no cool effect like nightmare wings and ghost wings. They put way more effort on making iap items than the Halloween items…

Compared to the ones that qwu and mrcoffee made its like comparing trash to gold.

Now when Jake was willing to help with fixing the economy you asked him to stop. Why? There’s no good reason for him to stop fixing the economy. Everything rised a lot when the duped happened. It’s a fact that there’s still duped bytes in the game and hasn’t been removed. For example qwu, qwu sold his EWG in the pwe for extremely over priced and someone bought it for duped bytes then qwu bought DSM with those duped bytes. Idk what your doing but it seems like your digging this game’s grave with the way your running stuff.


As said in CTALK regarding this. Some items require anywhere up to ~100 sprites and would need the person making the art access to the source code.

but yet
we do not know if that is really the case

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ok but it would still have been better to use those items and to sprite them than to create their own terrible items and to sprite them


Finally someone said it.

I’m still salty af :rage::rage::rage:

This is pathetic ASF…

Jesus i love the people running this game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What makes you think these artists aren’t willing to do that?

These pw players are absolute diehard shills and the old devs and new devs alike continue to take them for granted without a shred of transparency.

Also… the 100 sprites things only applies to the shirts and pants for the most part.

Haha, and people said Growtopia was bad when it changed devs.


Um, i also didnt get credited.

For a halloween legendary… I think,

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I never said that. I was just telling what was told on CTALK

A spirit scythe is pretty much expected, anyone could have the idea already

But the kitsune tail isn’t expected by anyone, and hardly would have a chance that two people would come up on that idea at such a close time

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Moth wings actually have an effect, I kinda like them.

They’re really trying to outdo Growtopia.

a very late of a reply but:

Jake was going to sell his byte coins for money and there’s no way of denying that he wasn’t going to, the man was jobless at the time and struggling to find a job so the thousands of euros he could have gotten would have surely helped.
(On top of others things he did anyway after being strictly told to not do)

the original creator could probably throw a massive law suit at the game company for that

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The original creator didn’t copyright their design so I highly doubt Kukouri could be sued over it. It was public intelectual property. I do feel sorry for them though. Putting the work in to develop an item just for it to be used and for them to receive no credit.

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if in the original post there’s the copy pasta giving Kukouri rights then nothing can be done

Depending where they live It doesn’t matter if they don’t explicitly give kukouri rights. If they don’t copyright it then it’s publicly available, even for for profit (as in the case for Kukouri selling it for real money)

Even if they could sue, the cost of a lawsuit would likely be more than they’d receive in compensation.

fun fact: outside the usa there’s public lawyers issued by the government for free to anyone in need and you only have to pay them anything if you do win your case and there’s money coming to you from it

Usually, you have to put a text giving all the rights of your design to kukouri when making an item suggestion, only if he did not write such text would this be valid