Why did masterbruce leave the team?

for those who dont know, masterbruce was an admin during 2016-2017, he wasn’t well known by community members, but he had his own brown batman suit, if any developers can answer why he quit or was fired would be nice, and also, can we get a copy of his set like zaks hair was made a normal item?

Dimos was an admin back then too. :wink:

Have you visited his world? it has admin blocks, @DIMOS

if the devs were to release his batman suit to the community, they could run into some legal issues (not really sure about that) since it looks pretty similar to the DC batman itself.

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Well, they didn’t get sued over the scary mask tho?

And even tho DC owns batman, if they don’t call it batman and draw it themselves, they shouldn’t run into legal issues.

(I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.)

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Blackbird already exists no thx.

nah batdude looks cooler than some bird

ok //

bump, still havent gotten an answer why he left the team :skull: