Why did my 20k bc just gone

Nothing long to tell I log in and my 20k bc gone I can tell my username if needed

You sure nobody logged on your account?

Well I have verified my Gmail and my password is long has numbers and special characters I haven’t given it to anybody

Also I have more stuff and bc but just 20k gone

You sure your friend don’t have access to your account or something?

No nobody has acces just me

You sure you haven’t clicked a sus link recently? Have you checked your recently visited worlds to see if there was something weird, your storage and stuff?

I never click any links but I’ll check worlds (also I checked no worlds visited than what I had visited before)

Wouldn’t it tell me if someone log in if I had veryfied my email? I asked a random person he said it happend to his frend so I have to hope for it to come back but I’m not sure it will come back

Well sadly the game don’t have this kind of system… it would be nice if admins could implement a 2FA system to secure more the accounts.

You sure you haven’t downloaded something weird recently?

Nothing but I downoalded a game named worldbox I don’t think it did anything

I deleted it anyways

I have items like green bouncer mask which is twice valuable than 20K bc not all my bc is gone if it was a hack or someone got in i think they would take everything and i wouldn’t notice because I log now 4hours later after doing the cayo perico heist with preps and stuff

Is there anyone u know had same problems and will my bc come back or rip? @RetNos

Yes you are right, basically hackers take everything and trash all valuable items.

Also, i surely saw other people with this issue previously but it was either because they downloaded something which contain a virus or clicked a malicious link.

In your case, you haven’t clicked any bad links and only downloaded this game but unless you downloaded it from a trusted source, you are safe.

You sure you haven’t bought something with these 20k bytes and you put the item somewhere in a chest for example…?

I haven’t bought anything im saving bc for swift sword or swift blade I check all chest just secret base trash @RetNos

You surely mean the swift slicer… Well i have no clue what happened to your bytes… the only thing that could had happened is… you downloaded this game from a un-trusted source and it had a virus or something in it and basically it stole your pixel worlds ingame password and someone logged in to take your bytes.

And if this is not the case, then maybe someone had access to your pc…

I downoalded it from Google play store and I don’t give my password to anybody

Then i don’t know what happened… i’m sorry i can’t help you more for this case…

But wtf why that happend to me I wasn’t even mean to anyone