Why do people think the earth is flat?

This is a very random question, I really don’t understand why people think the earth is


Maybe its because the worlds in pw are flat.

Hear me out


Haven’t you seen a Minecraft world?
Does this not look flat to you?

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some people don’t believe things they cannot see

Earth is flat? Then explain why we have Timezones.

(Note: I do not actually believe that the Earth is flat, this is all fun and jokes)

Because they havent seen space yet and never trusts astronuts. by the way. this is old.

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But Earth being flat doesn’t mean that space wouldn’t exist

exactly, who knows what lies outside earth.

The sun is round, the moon is round
Why not add earth as well?

Some people are delusional.

Everyone that has sight, along with most blind people.

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This is an accurate image I’ve seen so far when it comes to Earth being flat.

Nope but this is :sunglas:

download (22)

Maybe this will make people change their mind

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A cube’s side is technically flat, you cube-earther :rage:

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I doubt that will happen in six years.

Once the imbeciles travel there, they will claim that the windows are making the illusion of the Earth being spherical.

Well this thread turned into a meme thread (Or atleast I think so), I guess that’s nice

It’s not technically flat, it is.