Why I Cant Buy New Sword

My Friend Buy New Sword But I Cant Saw It At Store Did This fake ?

It’s real but somehow other players can’t see it in the shop, including me.

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yep, its a glitch i think u should restart ur game or wait for tmr so dev can fix it

It’s a new starter offer. It will appear for old players, too, but it might take a while.

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@Dev i actually want it to but its not there :frowning: rlly want it

Do you have any limited offer available, like the VIP-Pack? The sword is one of those returning offers and they’re offered one at a time.

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no its not there players find it in wearables but mine not there. let me check again tomorrow
many players cannot find it. they said its a bug? is it real?

It is real, but these offers (Amber Wings, Starter VIP, VIP-Pack and Spirit Sword) alternate and aren’t available simultaneously.

so when it will come to my game?
i probally using windows 10 steam

It depends on your current offers and what you have bought already. The offers change about weekly right now (this might not be the case permanently). It might even take a month for it to appear.

a month? it would be very long but i will wait

My best guess is 2 weeks but as I said, the situation is a bit different for each account. Take all of this with a grain of salt: Some update might change how these offers behave anyway.

oh yeah it still in the shop rn