Why i didnt have acces in my locked world

I have log in into my account and i see what i have in that account but there say world locked by KanaoChan is Fishless But that World is Someone else world

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If you have been inactive for over a year people can break your world lock and place their locks


There’s a decaying lock feature now, being inactive for too long causes your locks to decay.

Even a world lock? Damn that crazy even growtopia didn’t like that

it did i think

World lock decays after a year ig

I think it’s much better that even world locks decay, since if they didn’t people would just hoard alot of rare worlds and when they quit the game, no one else would have the chance to own those world, if the world owner didn’t decide to give them away.
And what’s the person gonna do with them anyway if they don’t even play the game anymore.

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In growtopia world locks decay even faster i think

No they don’t decay at all, unless they changed that.

Small locks, big locks and latge locks decay but world locks etc (Basically locks that lock the whole world) don’t decay

what? It will decay after a year of inactivity (owner offline for a year) How is it wont decay

All locks decay. World locks decay after 1 year, the same is for platinum, i think also dark world lock, battle world lock, clan locks idk

I was talking about Growtopia.

I was talking about Growtopia. h