Why I think Games12 is the best Pixel Worlds content creator

Hello, as the title reads, I’m going to be giving my views on why Games12 is one if not the best Pixel Worlds content creator, (these statements are highly opinion based)

Back then and till now, A majority of Pixel Worlds YouTube content are not that as informative and as helpful to the community, sure some videos are for fun, showcasing, some of them even revealing new things in the game.

But as information and intel on the community, Games12 has been the most lenient content creator of Pixel Worlds with commentary regarding issues along with new situations happening in both Social platforms of the game and the game itself

Pixel Worlds’ gameplay going on with the economy style has changed it’s demographic much more to mature audiences because of how complex the game has grown, It’s a shame that only a few informative and helpful channels exist in this community, but I’m hopeful things will change for Pixel Worlds content

EDIT ; This post was entirely made about his content and why I find it the most helpful. I’m getting comments talking about his past behaviors along with some drama that happened, as I said, his content is still helpful for me regardless of what he has done


i know this isn’t related to his content in general but this is the same guy that griefed someone’s world to create his own right? if it is, it makes me wonder what his intentions are when creating videos. is it really just to better inform players or is it purely for his own benefit. personally, i find it hard to believe that it’s made under pure intentions, if it’s the same person that is.

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Content creators won’t make content if they don’t get anything out of it, of course he probably does it for his benefit, but in the end of the day his videos are still informative, a content creator making content for their own benefit isn’t something evil, as far as I’m concerned, a giant majority of people who do YouTube do it for themselves as well

With the griefing situation, I have never heard of anything regarding that nor do I know anything of it, regardless, his content is still good

Yea, he was mean to me tho ;-; he seems so nice during his streams and stuff but oh well.

Ok so picture this, I make a video about scammers, informing them about the types of scams etc. in order to gain trust in the viewers (benefit) and then i scam one of my viewers who trusted me (evil).

This isn’t pointing fingers at anyone but the I was implying that based on previous actions, it is possible the personal gain he is trying to achieve may have negative reasons behind it.

I don’t know if that’s specifically what Games12 did or if he did something similar to what you just said, but my perspective still stands, content is good and informative regardless of what he has done, if you wanna learn about history or any sort of news, he’s the most lenient content creator for that subject.

im pretty sure someone griefed games12’s price world so maybe your getting a bit mixed up

no i don’t think i am. pretty sure he griefed a world from Stan to build PRICER and then ironically pricer got griefed.

edit: i checked. he did indeed grief grief stan’s world to build his own. to my knowledge, he did apologise but in my opinion, that you’re allowed to disagree with and i won’t argue my point, if you have done something bad, no matter how much you change, there will always be a part of you that will be okay with doing it again.

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well i still like him as a youtuber even if that is true

He still refuses to take down his slander videos about me btw, despite me having disproven every point but it seems according to @The_Governor the only way to be on good terms with games is to pay him 2 PL… He holds nasty grudges. You may know him on the old forums as Pixelogic

“I don’t like drama, BUT…”

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just gonna make this known, i never said his content was bad - i’ve never actually watched it - i was just trying to say that if i did watch him, i wouldn’t think he is doing it to benefit anyone but himself.


well the governor did cause him to lose a hellhound blade in the first place which is more than 2 pl so he instead of 3pl+ games lost 1 pl

unless im wrong but i doubt games12 would completely lie about losing a hhb from a giveaway

He hated both of us way before that giveaway


it seems the governer hated him as well i also didn’t get the impression he hated you.
and you guys must have done something. nobody hates someone for no reason.

Completely untrue, white knight, I have done nothing and I have proven it.

as i said it didn’t seem he hated you but what did the governer do?

I don’t know, but I guess they’re on good terms since gov gave up or something and gave him some PL to compensate for him not getting off his back?

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According to the video he made, someone (Not going to say who, because it’d be naming and shaming, but you can guess) bribed the owner of a giveaway world to ban Games12 from the world, so he didn’t win the giveaway. That someone then compensated Games12 by giving him 2 platinum locks, which was the value value of the item he would’ve got from the giveaway he won, so they’re allegedly on better terms now.

well it wasn’t actually the value hhb is 3pl right…

btw @Games do you want to say anything to do with this?