Why I will never be a mod (Even if I do get all the requirements and answer the application good)

1.) I got banned once

Forgot what I did, but I remember being banned for 2 days. This will not be a good picture of me like, do you want a mod who got banned once?

2.) I am not at least a year old on this account as of now

I played since 2019, that is because I included my 2 other accounts that I lost with one of them being 365+ days old. The account I use now, is 250+ days old I think. And mods are supposed to be veteran players (which is based on the account days, and a year is considered veteran) so, yeah…

3.) I can break character sometimes

Alright you may see me be nice or (a little) not. I am just trying to keep my cool you know? If too much things stress me out or I get a little mad, I may break character, which is not how you want a mod to be.



Those dont matter(except maybe number 2)
A certain mod once said they were banned(or warned i forgot) by A certain ghost once

From what I’ve heard, that’s okay as long as it wasn’t in the last 300 or 500 days. (Not sure)

Well his account is only 250 days old so the ban was relatively recent.

Yep so the ban is “not ok” right now

If I were an admin I would be ok with numbers 1&2, but not ok with number 3…

I don’t see why this is reason for making a post tbh lol

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Don’t forget the last reason as to why many people don’t have mod.

They have complications with other people, including other moderators.

Besides, being a mod is a blessing and a curse. I’d rather not become one.

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I wish you were a moderator man, you’re like one of the most active thread poster in this forum and you’re kind so…

But you’re a little bit pessimistic about your capabilities in this thread. I believe in you tbh!


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Too bad I have problems with a Discord Moderator, so you should cross my name on the list for now. Like I said, it’s possibly a curse for me.


I see…

I agree with your last point too.

I can not belieeeeeeve you will never be a mod :scream:

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Why I think I’d be the best mod of all:

  • I live off of sarcastic humor

The layers in this joke

What ban reason?

Like if it was bad language, sure you might still be trustworthy
Hacks/scamming heck no you aint got a chance

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I think I said something bad, not sure what it was though

Then it was probably fine.

In fact if you look at the old messages on the pw discord, there is a great SS of the now ruler with an iron fist: LMO getting told off for swearing

I’m not even kidding, heres proof:

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ohhh, alright (20 characters)

But the ban was somewhere around my early 300s day mark so it was a little recent, it is still not good

I checked, it is actual 335 or something

Does my account have to be a year when I submit my application for forums only?