Why is Ekipali getting all of this hate?

It is really weird because even Siskea defended EkipAli in the last C-Talk.
His ban reason is public, people still ignore it and say hes an illegal trader.

If he really did illegal trading, he would be banned ages ago. He is a creator, admins monitor every single move he does. He would be banned by now.

He still has his creator status in game, on forums and the discord. So please stop spreading rumors about stuff you don’t know.

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didnt he recently changed his name in facebook so thats the reason he got banned?
and after that facebook account was deleted. i have no sides on the drama but its a bit sus to me

No, he got banned because he did a big trade not knowing the bytes were duped. Many many people got banned for the same reason. My theory is; Admins will keep those accounts banned until everything gets solved.

oh alright then. hope he gets unbanned if it was not fair.